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Welcome to the Washington State USBC Website. This website you can find Tournament information, WSUSBC Bylaws and Annual meeting information. Click on the tabs on the tool bar to navigate around to the information you are looking for.

Just a reminder that Nationals will be raising there dues this year by $3.00. So make sure you take to your board and adjust accordingly. This takes place starting in August 2017-18 season.

All tournament information is located on the above bar.

Availability for the Open & Women’s Tournament 2018: Updated 2/14/2018

Spots left for Weekends April Team

Spots left for Weekends April Singles & Doubles

Spots left for Weekends May Team

Spots left for Weekends May Singles & Doubles


Availability for the Youth Championship Tournament 2018:

Lane Availability Sheet 2.10.2018

Reminder for this years youth championship averages:

Attention all youth bowlers and coaches filling out entries for the 2018 Washington State Youth Championship. Averages are based on the highest 2016-17 yearbook average with a minimum of 21 games, which is different than past years. If they don’t have an average from last season then they will use this years current average as of March 1, 2018 with a minimum of 21 games.


Pictures from the 2017 annual showcase:

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Contact information for WSUSBC:

Chuck Ickes
(425) 903-4263 Phone
(425) 322-3042 Fax
wsusbc@comcast.net E-Mail